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St. Lawrence Gap
'The Gap', as it is commonly known, is a place where various cultures meet and merge ... it is an experience that should not be missed! Entertainment in Barbados starts in St.Lawrence Gap! A stroll through The Gap reveals a number of nightclubs, catering to all musical tastes. While waiting for the music to heat up, nightclubbers can sample the local fare of food vendors that assemble in the Gap!
Oistins Fishing Village
At Oistins, the visitor can see Barbadian fishing boats (at right) and the weaving of fishing nets by local fishermen. Oistins is the site of the annual Fish Festival which honours those who contribute to the local fishing industry. Just around the corner from Oistins is Miami Beach, a great place to take a swim! This was the site of the clash between Royalists and Roundhead supporters in 1639. This clash centered around the bid for independence of Barbados from Cromwell's England. As a result of this confrontation, the Articles of Agreement were drawn up to form Barbados' own parliament - the third oldest parliament in the entire Commonwealth.
There is never a dull moment in Barbados
The best place i ever vacationed
Sherry Lang
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